Friday, May 9, 2014

Its a Good Thing There Wasnt Anybody Around to Help the Pilgrims

"They landed in a forbidding wilderness. No Federal Housing, so they went to work and built their own. No Free Stamp Program, so they raised what food they ate, and when they didn't raise enough, went without. No Free Schools, so mothers taught their children. No Recreational Programs, they were too busy working. No anti-draft riots, everyone was expected to share in the protection of his country. No Social Security, no security at all, except what each provided for himself. But there were compensations. No rioters demanding something for nothing. No unwashed students telling their mothers what to teach. No wasteful bureaucrats paying themselves out of the workers production. Nothing, really, for the Pilgrims but hard work and a lot of it. Did it pay off? Our standard of living proves it" (Christian Economics, Nov. 1972, p. 25).

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